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Prenatal Yoga with Laptop

Carrying a baby places a great strain on a woman’s body. A pregnancy massage has the aim of bringing comfort and relaxation to the expectant mum. It is tailor made specifically to the needs of the pregnant woman and their changing body.

As a woman’s body and shape changes, the position of the pelvis and overall posture will alter the function and action of major muscle groups and can cause pain and discomfort. Therefore the treatment of these changing muscles is a crucial part of maintaining as much comfort and support as possible.

Correct positioning during a pregnancy massage is crucial for comfort and relaxation and should be evaluated at each stage of pregnancy.

Side lying is the most popular position which enables the spine to be aligned whilst supporting the baby. Alternatively treatment can take place in an ergonomically designed chair.

Treatment can include many types of massage and other modalities aimed at bringing comfort and aiding relaxation.

Pregnancy massage is a reason to take time out for the mind and body which is an important part of an expectant mother’s journey. As well as helping the body adjust during pregnancy massage can also help the body and mind adjust after the baby arrives.

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