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My journey with massage therapy has been a long one.

After discovering its benefits in improved health for me as a sufferer of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome it urged me to become a professionally qualified massage specialist.

As far as I’m concerned the pathway to great health is prevention! In those cases where prevention is not possible, management is key. If you feel in control of what’s happening in your body you will feel much stronger!

Therefore in order to have optimum health we need to understand our bodies. We must listen to our bodies, take notice of the little signs it is giving us. Listening to what out body is saying is the most powerful way of understanding what it needs in order to keep us in great health. If we allow everyday life and stresses to get in the way of the signs, we open ourselves up to a very different health/illness path.

My ethos as a massage therapist is to provide excellent quality treatments tailor-made to your specific health needs, whether it be to help alleviate stress, eliminate pain from muscle strains or ligament sprains, or maybe you are a chronic headache sufferer tired of taking pain killers.

Massage therapy to me is a remedial treatment. I adjust each session to the individual so you achieve your own personal goals from the therapy. My intention is to help you think about the way you look after yourself and how to make any necessary improvements.

Physical posture, good breathing and the right attitude will do so much to help achieve optimum health…as well as a regular massage of course!

Thank you for reading!

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